Dental Clinics During COVID-19 Pandemic

The deceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak on 11 March 2020, caused by different dental care facilities in affected countries being closed or just offering minimal treatment in emergencies. Many dental clinics are still providing regular dental treatment services. It has been the result of a lack of universal protocol or rules regarding dental care services during COVID-19. 

Dental Clinics During COVID-19 Pandemic

The absence of protective guidelines leads to a rapid increase in COVID-19 spread through dental health care facilities. To add to this, dismissing dental care during the pandemic will become a problem for hospital emergency departments that are already battling with the virus.

All dentists are strictly recommended to follow the rules and regulations issued by the government and dental associations of the region. The use of standard COVID-19 precautions at the workplace is important for dental professionals to develop a safe working environment.

Infection Controls For Dental Clinic

Dentists should be aware of some major aspects of COVID-19 that are:

  • How the virus spread? 
  • How to find the infected people with the virus?
  • What are the protective guidelines that dentists need to follow to avoid the transmission of the virus?

These measures should be firmly followed by dental professionals because droplets of saliva and mucus are the central routes of the spread of COVID-19.

Patient Assessment

Patient assessment for coronavirus include:

  • Dentists should identify the affected people of COVID-19 and not treat them. They should not be allowed to enter the premises or come in touch with other patients or any surface.
  • Test the body temperature of every patient who enters the clinic. A contact-free forehead thermometer should be used for the screening.
  • A questionnaire should be filled by patients before getting into the dental chair, and it should be saved in patient records.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a factor that cannot be overlooked by medical professionals. Dental professionals should regularly wash their hands with soap or sanitize the hands with alcohol-based sanitizers after using dental articulators such as plasterless articulator.

Use Of Personal Protective Equipment

Airborne droplet transmission is the major route of the spread of the COVID-19. Therefore, dental clinics and hospitals should follow strict procedures including the use of personal protective medical equipment such as gloves, face shields, eyewear, masks, and outerwear.

It is important to pay keen attention to the guidelines and follow strict protocols to avoid this global pandemic. Cases of coronavirus are still increasing day by day, therefore, dental professionals need to be extra careful while treating the patients.

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